How to have an engaging & organized Easter egg hunt!

Easter is quickly approaching! Have you prepared yet? For those of you who do Easter Egg Hunts as a class, or as a school, hopefully this post helps you! Not only does this method create longer lasting fun and exploration, but it also helps ease the burden for teachers as well! Win win!!! (You’ll want to read until the bottom, I am sharing multiple variations of this awesome Easter Egg hunting hack)

***The photos I am sharing in this post are only of my own child, I will never share photos of anyone else’s children***

Here’s how I organized the BEST EASTER EGG HUNT WE’VE EVER HAD last year:

First: I labeled baskets using blue painters tape (I purchase baskets for my students from the dollar tree, but you can just as easily put your students names on baskets they bring from home!) The tape is easily removable, so there is no damage done to your baskets!

After you get your names put onto all of your baskets, you separate your eggs into even piles for each child, and write their name on all the eggs in their pile. I used a black Sharpie! I personally just separated random colors, I didn’t worry too much about each child getting the exact same number of each of the different colors of eggs. Trust me, your students will be so excited about hunting for their names that they won’t even notice if the child next to them has identical colored eggs or not.

I typically purchase all the eggs for my hunts, however, you can always send home a form requesting egg donations from families a few weeks before the big event! (I highly recommend this!!!)

Now for the fun part: FILLING THE EGGS!!!!! This can be done in a huge variation of ways, so I’ll just touch base on the ways I personally use for my students!

Option 1: Candy

Option 2: Pennies

Option 3: Secret helper task coupons (little slips of brightly colored papers that have certain “secret helper” tasks on them that students may cash in at any time during class)

***some of my secret helper tasks include: Announcing transitions, releasing classmates at the end of class with high fives, ringing the bell at the end of recess, delivering water cups to everyone during snack, and SO MUCH MORE!)*** My students go CRAZY over these secret helper tasks!

Just as a heads up, doing all of the above steps take a good chunk of time. I know time is a crunch for many of you, so keep reading to the end for alternate options that save some time!

Once all of your eggs are labeled and filled, place them all into a box for easy transportation. I specify using a box, because in a bag or tote, things move around and eggs break open. you’ll save yourself so much time by carefully placing them all into a box with sturdy sides. (or multiple smaller boxes)

Now for the fun part: the hunt! Our Easter Egg Hunt used to last maybe a few minutes with students screaming and running about trying to find as many eggs as they could. This often resulted in many baskets being VERY uneven by the end of the hunt.

How long did our hunt last this past year??? 37 minutes! 37!!!! That is 37 minutes of exploration, 37 minutes of fun, and 37 minutes of problem solving! I was able to watch students carefully picking up eggs and holding them next to the name on their basket to see if they had a match. I was able to see my students teaming up and working together to find their names for each other. I was able to see my older students setting their buckets down to help the younger students who were not gathering eggs quite as quickly. I was able to see my students problem solving on their own with zero prompting from myself. It was an absolutely amazing day!

From that day forward I vowed to always take the time to write all those names, and label all of those buckets. My students had 37 minutes of fun that day, instead of 2-4 minutes of frantic egg collecting. The difference in the atmosphere that day when returning to class was also huge. Everyone was so excited to have found ALL of their eggs containing their names on them. I mean, who can blame them, the Easter bunny himself took all that time ensuring each student had eggs designated for them so that no one felt left out or discouraged by the end of the day. The impact this method had on my students was huge in so many ways.

One of the best parts was that the parents noticed how big of an impact it had on everyone, and they noticed how excited their children were to tell them all about the special egg hunt. We had parents signing up to volunteer for writing names on eggs for the next year by the end of that day!

Now for the variations! You don’t have to do this with names! You can use any of the following variations:

Names – as shown in this post

Colors – for smaller classes since egg colors are limited (maybe match egg colors to bucket colors even?)

Shapes – shapes drawn on tape and eggs

Numbers – numbers drawn on tape and eggs

Letters – letters drawn on tape and eggs

Time saving tip: Have a volunteer sign up page available for families, allowing families to join you in egg filling, or in name writing!

Have any questions or comments for me? Drop them below and I’ll do my best to respond by the next business day!

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