My 2 Day Playground Renovation

A 2 day playground renovation? The idea of trying to complete an entire playground renovation in 2 days was extremely intimidating, but we only had those 2 days in between classes over the weekend to get it done! This area used to be a complete disaster. At one point we had a dog run back there, as well as a garden, and the entire thing eventually became overrun with weeds.

Step 1: Purchasing materials! We ordered playground specific bark 2 weeks prior to our project start date. All wood and cement mix was picked up Friday evening, the night before our big project began.

Step 2: Cementing fence posts into the ground. Our fence posts are standard 4×4’s cut in half to be 4 ft tall (3 ft tall once the bottom 1 ft is buried). In order to do this, we had to have both of us working to stabilize the posts while pouring cement in order to get the posts in straight. We did this Friday night also, to allow the cement to dry overnight so we could work full speed ahead over the weekend.

Step 3: Pulling weeds, laying weed tarping. This part took only about 2 hours start to finish. The weed tarping was done with two layers to ensure everything was thoroughly covered before proceeding with the bark.

Step 4: Cutting our colored pencil fence posts. The wood we used for our fence posts was standard 6 ft tall cedar wood. We cut these posts directly in half and angled one end of each section creating posts in the shape of colored pencils. After this we painted! (we used simple spray paint)

To get the line across the top of all of my colored pencil posts I simply placed a 2×4 across the top before painting.

Step 5: BARK! The exciting part! We ordered the bark two weeks before our project so we could get it in time. In retrospect I wish we would have opted to pick the bark up so we could have driven it directly down to the playground so we could dump it straight in. When they arrived with the bark there was no way they were getting that truck down to the playground, so we had them just dump it all onto the driveway, which meant we had to use a wagon to haul loads down to the backyard. It was EXHAUSTING to say the least.

Shout out to my amazing husband for helping me with the entire project! It would NOT have been finished nearly as quickly as it was without his help.

Once our bark arrived, the pace picked up quite a bit! Watching the playground fill with bark was extremely exciting. We had been planning this project for so long!

Step 6: Assembling the fence! This part was very time consuming, as we had to line the posts up one by one ensuring they were all set at the same height and with the same distance between them. We moved our larger toys in as we assembled the fence so that we wouldn’t have to life them over the fence afterward.

Once all the toys were moved in and the posts were all up, we were DONE!!!!! We finished Sunday evening around 4:00 pm. At this point my legs were jello from crouching down for at least 3 total hours that day in order to screw the board into place, but it was SO WORTH IT!!!!!

What did this project cost? $509.63

$322 for bark

$102.73 for fence posts

$53.80 cement mix

$8.80 spray paint

$22.30 post hardware

The 2×4’s and screws we already had lying around from previous projects so it saved us a little bit of money.

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