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I have spent countless hours comparing various childcare management software programs over the past week. I hope that what I share here today can help you cut down on your search time if you are in the market for a new childcare management software program. I compared 14 different programs for this little project of mine. Here is the comparison list:

I personally went with Kindertales! Kindertales offered more options than most at a very comfortable $2/month/child (or $49 per month minimum). Kindertales is 100% customizable!!!! (score!)

*You can delete unnecessary forms and add your own forms for families to complete and sign virtually

*You can customize the enrollment process

*You can customize which “reports” you want to use for your program (injury reports, allergy reports, etc)

*You can create milestones!! This part sealed the deal for me!!! Milestones are 100% customizable! Examples:

  • Recognizes 10 uppercase letters
  • Can write first name
  • Can recognize 5 colors
  • Can balance on alternating feet
  • Potty trained
  • ETC! The options are ENDLESS here!! You can literally add anything you want! And parents are notified once a milestone is met!

The parent portal and parent app is all one deal, so you don’t have to have multiple different logins for parents, which is something many of the other apps require. The only thing that the app itself doesn’t have is the payment options. Payment options are only accessible when logging in with a PC in a web browser page. Parents can choose to get notifications for only specific things, or all things. I am going to request that mine allow notifications for all so they see their child’s progress in every area.

Financial Reports: Some of the key areas in the financial reports section include the following

  • Bank register
  • Checks received
  • Late fees
  • Online payments
  • Outstanding payments
  • Per schedule billing
  • Petty cash
  • Post Drop-In Fees
  • Program discount report
  • Revenue Report
  • Security Deposits
  • Subside report

I love the flexibility in all of this because I run summer camps on top of my typical program and I can have set billing amounts set for just about anything, so that I can apply them to families with ease.

There are so may amazing features with this program. I highly recommend doing a free demo with them if you are in the process of deciding on software!

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My name is Larisa, at 23 years old I opened up my preschool program in my home. I am excited to have you join me on this journey!

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