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Circle Time & Literacy Center

As some of my followers know, I run a private home based preschool program. This means I have a more limited space than many public school or center teachers would. Because of this, I’ve had to combine a few of the areas in my classroom in order to fit everything in. Our circle time and literacy center is a great example of this! 

As you view the other areas of my classroom and my limited space, you’ll see why I made the decision to combine this area. 

Let’s talk about book storage in the classroom! I use a method of organization that not many people use for my collection of books. I organized my books alphabetically in my classroom, BUT I do also scan them into my IntelliScanner program where I then organize them by theme, author, resource type, etc. IntelliScanner is a very detailed program that I will discuss in a video next week. This video will be uploaded to this page also.

I get asked what my TV is for quite often when I share classroom photos. We use the TV as a fake fireplace during class on the colder days. My students are convinced that it actually warms up the classroom! We also use it for Vooks! Vooks is a website with hundreds of digital books that are read aloud with animated pictures of the story. It livens things up when we are having difficult days. There will be a link at the bottom of this page for teachers to get a free year of vooks!

As mentioned before, limited space in the classroom requires me to get creative with how I display things and lay things out. My Calendar and Anchor charts are just to the right of our entryway door. They simply did not fit on the main circle time wall, so we had to get creative. Many of my anchor charts are interactive for my students during small groups which is why they are so low on the wall.

One of the organizational resources I use for my literacy center is this rainbow cart. I store literacy and writing resources in here for students to access at any point during the day.

Another way I organize my literacy center is with this shelving unit from Amazon. I store literacy activities and games in the middle buckets. I store skills packets, color books, shape books and memory books in the side pockets! I have two classes each week, so one class is on the left side while the other is on the right. Just to the left of this shelf I also have our letter pocket chart. 

Click the images below to be directed to these packets on TPT!

Since my circle time area is just next to the entrance, this is also where we store our take home folder tubs. I use collapsible folders from Amazon for this. I organize my take home folders by class. See links at the bottom of the page.

Below I have included my furniture, resource and decor lists for this entire center. Click and of the items you want to view and it will direct you to where I purchased them. 



Resources & Supplies


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