Creativity Center Organization

Creativity/Art Center Organization

Let’s talk about organization in the creativity/art center. This center is probably the messiest on in my classroom when in use, so having a system in place that my students understand is very important. My students range in age from 3.5 –  5 years old, and the system I have put into place is one that they can all easily follow. **(Materials and furniture links at the bottom of this page!)**

How this works in my classroom: Students have free reign in this center at any point during the day. When creativity strikes, they know they can head over and dive in on their own. 

Our creativity center rules are discussed heavily during the first few weeks of class, and we do recap on them throughout the year. 

Rule #1 – Make sure the paint cups are secure in the cup holders before you begin

Rule #2 – If you are wanting to paint but someone left their painting on the easel, let the teacher know so the painting can be moved to the drying clips. We don’t paint over someone else’s masterpiece

Rule #3 – If you need to swap out a paint cup for another color, your paintbrush goes in the dirty bucket and the lid to the cup gets closed all the way

Rule #4 – If you get additional crafting materials out from the art shelf, make sure they get put back away when you are done

Rule #5 – If you are working on a masterpiece that requires a little extra pizazz and mess, lay out the paint mat under the easel

These paint cups are on a half wall ledge and easily accessible to students during class. 

DIY paint drying wall! We all know how expensive those amazing paint drying racks can be. They can also tend to take up a good amount of space, which is something I just don’t have. I decided to make my own DIY drying wall for my classroom.

I created my DIY art drying wall in a few easy steps:

1 – Create a background with a roll of white “better than paper” paper

2 – Found a border I loved off of Amazon and layered it with a solid color 

3 – My classroom is rainbow themed, so I organized my construction paper like a rainbow. I used staples because I am in a private home based classroom, but if staples are not an option for you, you could use velcro or sticky puddy. The paper itself does not bear any weight when projects are hung up to dry. I used 12×12 paper

4 – I used velcro dots, also from Amazon, to hang my clothespins. I used to velcro dots per clothespin to provide a little extra strength

5 – I used string lights along the top of my drying wall to give a little extra light to a darker part of my classroom

Below I have listed links to every item in my creativity center! The play-doh is the only discontinued item I have in this center. This play-doh is fantastic and has lasted me YEARS without drying out. I did include links to my next favorite play-doh below. 



Drying Wall Materials


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